The MiniCorp Top 5 UI Countdown

Hey everyone! I’m Andy, I am the Product Designer here at MiniCorp. In this monthly blog series, I am going to list and share my thoughts on my Top 5 favourite UI/Interactions/Designs from the past month. Hope you enjoy 👌

1: Fluid Slider by Virgil Pana @virgil_pana

I like this interaction because of it’s benefit to the user. The amount or value often gets lost under the finger as you slide it. By providing the user with this view, the user can make a more accurate selection. Clever stuff, I must say!!

2: Photo Editing Menu by Luboš Volkov @OtherPlanets

EMBRACE THE NOTCH!! Everyone went crazy over the iPhone X’s “Notch” when it was announced at Apple’s 2017 Keynote. To see designers all over the world embrace the notch and even incorporate it into their designs and interactions, is pretty cool.

3: Salon Booking by Divan Raj @desdivj

As well as having nice, fluid transitions, I really enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of the date picker aspect of this design. I had been designing a date picker for one of our projects here at MiniCorp when I came across this one, so it immediately resonated with me. Really like the subtle animations too 👌

4: E-Commerce Transition by Den Serduke @DenSerduke

Along with having an awesome sounding name, Den Serduke put together this awesome E-Commerce transition. The transition to the product page is super cool and his use of white space is very nice. This entire e-Commerce project is awesome, definitely check it out on Den’s Behance Account.

5: Intelligent Home App by Knock Zou

Smart home technology is booming at the minute with the likes of Nest, Tado and Eir all offering automated solutions in home energy and security. When I came across the “Intelligent Home” app by Knock Zou, I immediately loved the dark UI. I know it’s unconventional to the subject matter (usually favouring a brighter UI) BUT, I love a good dark UI and seeing things that go against the norm. Fair play, Knock. You rebel!

Andy 🤘

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