3 Things I Promise to do Every Night for a Better Morning

I promise myself a lot of things. I won’t eat chocolate today. I will exercise. That idea of a blog post will become a blog today, not tomorrow. Most of the time, its a toss up. But I’ve consciously tried to find ways to improve the routines I know I have in my life. Here are the 3 things I promised to do to make sure my mornings are better every night.

  1. Write down a list of my goals. I have so many things to do, but I rarely get to them all because I forget or I get distracted. Sound familiar? I think everyone needs to write things down, either digitally or on paper and keep track of it. I wish there were apps that did analytics on how quickly we are at getting things done. Alas, this idea will go on the pile as well.
  2. Take a minute to be thankful. I wasn’t raised in a home that said Grace before dinner or really ever dedicated time to be thankful, it was assumed we were grateful at any given moment of our lives and would continue onwards until something horrible happened. I don’t spend enough time appreciating all of the good in my life, and I will now.
  3. Figure out who I’m going to talk to tomorrow. Sometimes I feel that I walk into conversations without exactly thinking through what will happen or what I want to get from the other side of the table. If I can plan out who I’m going to see and what I want, then maybe I won’t be caught off guard trying to mumble an answer to a problem I should have anticipated.

These are all small things I’m learning. Good lessons take time.

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