Andrew Mahood
Jul 12, 2017 · 1 min read

This issue leaves me confused and a bit conflicted. I do have sympathy even if it’s an issue I do no fully understand. That lack of full understanding leads to my questions. I appreciate this will make me look rather naive however I would like to understand the issue better.

  • What would one do do on a day to focus on your mental health?
  • Is this something an employee would send on the day or something to expect would be scheduled?
  • What would be the next follow up between manager and employee. It seems the employee is having a tough time and it could be caused by work or unrelated?
  • How does this differ from PTO? My first reaction was that she could have booked PTO. Our employees get 28 day PTO to use however they choose. This is in accordance with UK employment law. Is this an issue with US employment laws which as I believe have no such provision for employees?

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