Shit Happens

People assume successful businessmen and successful businesses are problem free. Life is great, no hiccups and no failures. Anyone who thinks this way is severely mistaken.

It’s only Tuesday and so far, I’ve had 2 major problems happen in 2 of my companies. Staff members and partners in both companies immediately went into panic mode and had no clue what to do.

I explained a few car analogies to them. Ferrari released their flagship 458 a few years back to find out that after a few months, the cars were catching fire. Last year, Porsche released their GT3 sports car and they had to halt production because they were selling the cars with faulty engine components.

Companies face major problems every day but the most important thing is how they deal with the issues. The customers will always stick around if the company admits they fucked up, addresses the problem and offers a solution that works for everybody.

If something goes wrong in life, whether it’s in business, a relationship or life in general, take a step back, acknowledge if you’re at fault, and reassess your situation. The universe tends to unfold as it should. You just need to keep your cool and realize that sometimes ‘’Shit Happens’’.