Turning 40

‘Older’ seems like something that other people are.

Ron and I standing in Russian River in Guerneville, California. Hoping to get this image to show up in Facebook instead of my huge massive face.

Feeling It, Looking It

Strategic selfie.
Ron’s latest development in towel origami.
Those are all from the same person. For different photos.
Protein shakes and KIND bars under my desk.

I Always Feel Behind

I usually feel about five years behind in my life.

Ron and I Got Engaged

Ron and I at a street fair last year (left) and in Chicago 2002 or so (right).
Our wedding invites. Photo from Ginevra. She added the glasses so it’s like a Kinfolk magazine shot. I removed the location so no basic bitches show up uninvited.

The Apartment Squeeze

Saying Goodbye to Downy

“The choice to break our own hearts to save another from suffering is true compassion.”

Downy’s last journey down to our courtyard for a romp in the flowers.

Ron’s Trip Home

Hearing someone you love in pain on the other side of the world is unbearable.

Matt’s Death

Fractured Friendships

When someone isn’t excited for your fucking wedding, what other acid test is there?

The Anxiety of Others


Left: My first session with tattoo artist Micah Perry and yes that’s a painting of a huge cock in the background. Middle: First session complete with half-sleeve. Right: Three-quarters sleeve done.

I’m still deciding if I’ll go for the full sleeve ink. I guess it depends on how my mid-life crisis is going.

Big Birthdays

I Don’t Complain About My Job

Keith and I for Halloween and on my first day at my new job.
Fran and Alea. Fran and Keith.


And We Danced A Lot. Usually Shirtless.

At the R3 hotel in Guerneville, California. At Real Bad Folsom Weekend. At the gayest wedding in the history of the world.
At the R3 in hotel in Guerneveille. United Colors of Bennetton for a fourth of July fundraiser at Powerhouse. Ron and I at the PLAY T-Dance during Up Your Alley Weekend 2014.

Advice to All My Friends in Their Twenties

Advice to Young Gay Guys in San Francisco

We all move here with the San Francisco fantasy of how we think things are going to turn out. And then the city systematically beats it out of you.

Nothing Lasts (Always Laugh)

Enjoying a slice of red velvet birthday cake at Sweet Inspirations bakery in San Francisco, California.

Life is always a rolling crisis. Stability is an illusion.




Dir of Mktg in SF. Author of Blogwild. Gay Hoosier Taurus INFJ ex-playwright pianist gymbunny.

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Andy Wibbels

Andy Wibbels

Dir of Mktg in SF. Author of Blogwild. Gay Hoosier Taurus INFJ ex-playwright pianist gymbunny.

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