Ghostbusters was real damn good

Hell yeah this movie owns.

I saw Ghostbusters yesterday morning. It was rad. I laughed a lot. (A LOT.) It was fun. I giggled. I had a few jump scares. It was fun.

I haven’t been to a movie that fun in a long time. When I left the theater, my day was already a great success, just because I saw some art that was super enjoyable. It had its cute winks to the original flicks. It had amazing jokes. I loved the characters. I loved the music.

You know how when you’re watching something so awesome, you get chills? It gave me that. I don’t even remember the last time I saw something that did that to my body. I just enjoyed the heck out of the movie. And I think I know why:

It was fun.

On top of the fun-having, it was also super well done. All the pieces fit. I’m sure I could come up with a bunch of things to be critical about it, but the movie was made to be fun and enjoyable. That’s exactly what it did.

This is not a think piece: This is me professing my love for something that made me feel super happy, and I want others to know that feeling.

Do you know how hard it is to make a super expensive movie? Like, just to get it actually into production. I live in Chicago and love movies and have written bad screenplays, but here’s part of what needs to happen for a movie to become real, even before a single frame is shot:

  • The script needs to be okayed (after being rewritten a bunch, probably)
  • The actors need to say “yes” (after talking to many, probably)
  • You need to get the crew together (after talking to many, probably)
  • You need to get licensing for the intellectual property being used, and everything else involved
  • You need to get $$$ to make the damn thing
  • You need to rewrite/redesign/rethink the movie based on the budget you’ve gotten
  • You need to find where you’re gunna shoot it, and when, and with how much of that money
  • You need to make a million compromises for all of those yeses and so many hundreds of people need to agree that yes, this movie is going to be made

And then, after all of that hard work has happened, you need to film the damn thing and do a great job. Many people know this stuff, but to me, it’s astounding whenever a good movie gets made because it’s so damn hard. So many people had to come together and agree on so many little moving pieces. So many people had to kick ass. So much compromise.

Ghostbusters had to do all of that, while dealing with a bunch of other nonsense I have no reason to go into, and yet it still came out as fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.

You should go see it. Immediately. Take your friends and family and have a great time.

Writer, website maker, person. First book coming summer 2017.

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