Hey Medium, this is another example (this whole thread, exactly), of what happens when the original commenter deletes their response. Now I have two orphan posts, devoid of context, that look super weird on my timeline.

Not to mention, because the guy deleted his comment responding to this one, you now can’t get to this other response, which is also orphaned: https://medium.com/@andymboyle/yes-like-yeah-dude-thats-literally-racist-337b92bbcba0#.t82il74dm

So you have this weird, context-less comment thread, that looks as though I’m writing to no one in particular, living out in space, not really connected to anything. If you go to my profile, it looks as though these are just posts, as they no longer relate to the original piece. I think that’s the worst part of all, because you can’t get to the original thing that inspired all of this.

That’s super bad, and if this is constantly happening because people decide to delete their original comments, this content looks bad, and it makes your users look weird.

This is the second time I’ve mentioned this, so, please, figure out a way to fix this so your users don’t look as weird as I currently do with these two orphans. Thanks :)

Writer, website maker, person. First book coming summer 2017.

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