How is using stereotypical racist imagery satire? Like, holy shit dude, that filter, and the Bob Marley one, are gross as hell racist stereotypes.

Even if it was an “accident,” it shows they don’t have a diverse enough team, or enough people of color, to go “WHOA HOLY SHIT THIS IS RACIST AS HELL.” Like Katie wrote, they did this one time, now they’ve done it a second. That shows they either don’t care about being racist, or they don’t have anyone around to tell them it’s racist.

Either way, that’s bad.

Lastly: Do you know what satire is? Because, uh, explain to me how, as their defense is, this being an “anime filter” is somehow satire. What are they satirizing by using racist imagery? Please, enlighten us by explaining what’s being satirized.

Because when something is actually satire, and done well, you don’t need to point out that it’s satire. It’s inherent. But you can’t do that here. Because this shit is racist.

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