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Quite an interesting read, that’s for sure. But I’m also wondering why, after writing multiple paragraphs about the issues about gender bias, and why women aren’t included in things like this, and showing you have the clear understanding this is an issue, but then didn’t include any in your academic paper?

Like you said:

Despite efforts to create a well-rounded sample of professionals in the field of journalistic cartography, no women were included. This is a shortcoming I willingly concede in hopes that future studies are able to reduce (*gasp* remove?!) this bias.

I imagine you could’ve spoken merely above a whisper at The New York Times, where you’re surrounded by some of the most talented women in data visualization, and asked them their opinions. Or, if that was a conflict of interest, you could’ve asked them to give you some names, right?

Because it’s great that you’re aware of this bias. And it’s great that you “regret” it turned out this way. But I’m wondering if you could explain why you chose to be aware of that bias and continued to feed into it by only including men? It’s an easy problem to fix, so I think many others may also wonder why you chose not to do so, despite being so obviously aware of the problem.

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