The best advice on writing

This won’t take long, I promise.

Having spent the last few months writing—and the last few weeks editing—my upcoming book, I’ve also spent lots of time researching (Read: procrastinating) about writing well.

This is the best advice I’ve heard, which is repeated over and over and over and over:

You can only write if your butt’s in the chair.

Many days I’d go on walks, telling myself they were meant to clear my mind, to let me think about what I was working on that day. My thinking was, by the time I got back, I’d knock out more pages because my brain was more focused.


Those walks were procrastination. Do you know how I got my writing done?

I sat in my chair and wrote.

Sometimes I’d go to a coffee shop and read a book on how to make my writing better. I’d jot ideas down from it, highlight sections, really try and cram it all into my brain. I thought if I did this, when I sat down to write, my words would be much smoother and better because I knew more about the process.


That was also procrastination. Wanna know how I got my writing done?

I sat in my chair and wrote.

Everything else, from spending a few days tinkering with words from weeks ago, to asking people to look over my pages before I’d even edited them, to re-outlining chapters I’d already written, was just me procrastinating.

Sure, maybe some of those things did help me get some writing done. Maybe they truly did make my brain more clear. Or, perhaps, when I did sit down and write it came out smoother and faster because of it all.

But the words don’t come out until I make them.

And you do that by putting your ass in your seat and writing.

So do that. Now go kick some ass.

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