Depicting typical features of race is racist? Exaggerating is no longer a caricature/parody/satire, but straight out racism?

Yes. Like, yeah dude, that’s … literally racist. You’re taking someone’s physical traits as a way to make fun of them for having those physical traits.

Here’s what you’re defending: “lol let’s take a race’s stereotypical features and then allow people to make fun of that race’s stereotypical features for fun and profit lol.”

Satire involves having a point of view, or rather, a point. Tell me, what’s the point of view here? The fact you can’t explain to me what’s satirical about this shows you don’t understand what satire is.

The fact you go to Wikipedia to define racism also shows you don’t know what racism is in the first place because you’ve probably never been properly educated on it. And that’s normal—you and me are products of our environment. You appear to be a white guy, like me! And also in tech, just like me! We learn a lot of bad shit growing up, some of it stays ingrained in us.

That doesn’t make us bad people, no. But what does make us bad is if someone points out that we’re doing something that makes us look like assholes—and your first post doesn’t make you look necessarily like an asshole because you don’t seem as informed about these issues—and then we continue to do that asshole behavior.

Is it ridicule?

Yeah, ridiculing people because of how they look is shitty, full stop. Do you make fun of people because they’re in a wheelchair? Or because they were born with different-colored eyes? Or because they maybe have one arm that’s shorter than another? Or because they’re overweight/muscular/skinny/anything? If you do, you’re an asshole.

If you do the same thing because of how someone looks as it pertains to their race, that’s racism. Full stop.


Also racism, because it’s ridiculing features of someone because of their race!



Do you think that this filter makes Asians/Bob Marley inferior?

To attack someone because of how they look requires you to make the statement that “they’re bad because they are different because what I am is correct.” So yeah dude, that’s what these filters are doing: Making fun of someone’s race by demeaning them, and that’s racist.

Does it impair any of their human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life? (wikipedia)

Okay, this is the point I don’t think you understand, because it took me, a cis-white dude who grew up in a home with two loving parents and really never wanted for anything, quite a long time to understand: Every little thing like this, where people go out of their way to be shitty to someone else because of their race, is shitty and makes people feel awful and like they’re not welcome.

It happens constantly. They’re called microaggressions—or just straight out aggressions—and they happen a lot. They build up over time, and make someone constantly feel like shit. So, to just pick one of those things you found from Wikipedia, that would be “social” and “cultural” parts of public life. Also, because these things become ingrained in the brains of others, it can impact their political and economic parts of their lives, because if you are constantly caricaturing someone because of how they look and demeaning them, people will think of them as the lesser, which is what America has been doing to people of color since before the country’s inception.

How is this racial discrimination?

I just pointed that out to you pretty well.

How is this hate towards a certain race?

Because it is literally picking a race of humans—Asian folk—and demeaning them as being lesser. That’s hatred.

Why do you see racism in this?

Because it’s so goddamn obvious. And because a person of that race said “hey, this is racist” and I’m not so full of myself to not listen to someone who has a different experience than me and learn from it.

Why do people see things that are not there?

The question you should instead be asking yourself is “Why am I not seeing something that’s so amazingly obvious to others?” Because of your upbringing, your white privilege (which I share), and many other factors.

Open your mind to empathy. Because being a part of the tech community, we suck at this. It’s incredibly unwelcoming to people who aren’t “straight white guy.” And we should be working to make it more welcoming. The more diverse our community is, the better we will be. The less we will make racist shit like this.

More importantly, it’s better for society if our technology is being made by a diverse group of people, because our technology can help a more diverse group of people. So, please, when a person of color tells you something is racist, just listen and try and think from their point of view why they would think that. Because that’s how you develop empathy and understand their point of view. And that’s how you end up learning and becoming a better and more helpful member of the tech community. Good luck.

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