Creating a culture of rapid change

Adopting a new tool into a workflow is never easy. Everyone has their preferred tools along with their limit on how many tools they are willing to use. And nobody ever likes change.

But as product creators, we expect our users to start using our products in their everyday lives. Whether it’s a chat app or a project management tool, adoption is key to the success of any product.

Product creators should create a culture of iteration for their own workflows and tools. Over and over I’ve seen teams that have been using the same tools for years just because it would be too much trouble to change: a massive Basecamp full of unorganized projects or a JIRA board with hundreds of abandoned tickets.

If we can’t introduce new tools into our own processes, why should we expect our users to do the same?

Iterating on your own workflow and tools can help you to better understand how you can improve the on-boarding UX of your own product. The pain points in changing your process are just as valuable as the benefits in productivity as long as you learn from your mistakes.

Create a culture of change, learn from your mistakes, and iterate faster. Your productivity will improve and your customers will be happier in the end.

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