An experimentation with Medium.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been clipping article excerpts over on my blog. Today I’d like to try something a bit different — compiling all of my shared reads into a single post — to get my feet wet with Medium. (The thing is, as much as I love Medium as a reader, it intimidates the heck out of me as a publishing destination.)

Anywho, here we go. I hope you find something worth reading! ~ Andy

The preferred alignment that emerged on Friday — which must still go through a public consultation process and be formally recommended to council — solves a number of problems. It avoids adding passengers to the increasingly crowded Union Station. By moving farther north of earlier suggestions, it also reduces the potential conflict with plans for more service along the GO lines. And it would offer an east-west alternative to passengers in the core.

Source: Queen Street route proposed for new Toronto subway — The Globe and Mail

This has been talked about for ages. Over 100 years, in fact. It’s a massive undertaking but it’s also massively needed. It’s inevitable, so let’s stop wasting resources on temporary fixes.

However, as A.I. becomes more capable, assistant-as-app services will provide a better alternative. As A.I improves, each human assistant will be able to serve more users. These services, leveraging highly adept humans working with increasingly sophisticated technology, will be the way we interact with an array of businesses in the years to come. If this new breed of start-ups is successful, we’ll all fall in love with our robot.

via Human + A.I. = Your Digital Future

A.I. is best as an assistant, not as a replacement, for actual people.

Because if we really want to bring change to the world, we can’t just be nerds who make lots of money. It’s imperative we do our best to connect with everyone, bring the entire community WITH us, and make society better for ALL, not just for an elite few of us who went to the right schools, who dress and talk the right way, or look the right color or gender. Otherwise life is really going to suck when you disrupt those people out of jobs, & they come looking for someone to hold responsible.

via “Plays Well With Others” — 500 Hats — Medium

We’ve launched our Mixpanel mobile app so you can monitor your key metrics in one place, everywhere you go.

This is cool! via Mixpanel Blog | Announcing Mobile Dashboards

Here’s what’s great about this idea index method: When you pick up a book read long ago, you can quickly recall what it has to offer by glancing at the index. Then, if you want to grab some quotes about one of these ideas, the index tells you exactly where to look (no more reading every annotation!).

Source: Deep Habits: Create an Idea Index — Study Hacks — Cal Newport

Smart. I’m doing more reading this year. Sticky notes and highlighting has been my go-to with physical books. Since flipping to eReaders I’m tapping into their built-in equivalents.

After you’ve read all the books and articles about keeping on-task when working from home, setting up the perfect home office, avoiding loneliness, staying connected, sidestepping distractions, and avoiding interruptions I’d suggest one thing: embrace interruptions.

via Why I work remotely ( hint: it has nothing to do with productivity). — Signal v. Noise — Medium

I’ve been working remotely since joining the GoDaddy team in September. Sure, it took some getting used to, and it can get lonely at times, but the freedom to get up and go for a walk in downtown Toronto is pretty friggin’ awesome.

…looking forward to the warm weather returning.

Here at The Times and The Sunday Times we’ve been experimenting with the REST API throughout 2015, and have recently launched two new reader-facing projects this month that take full advantage of what the API has to offer.

via How the WordPress REST API is changing the way we tell stories — Digital Times — Medium

Interestingly, the $5 price hikes from the major carriers won’t be applied in Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, where regional competitors Videotron, SaskTel and MTS exist.

via Rogers, Bell, Telus wireless customers face ‘substantial’ price hike |

Dollar goes down, prices rise. Dollar goes up, prices stay the same, profits go up. See also: Cellular plans rose last year and we pay some of the highest rates in the world.

Can we please get a MetroLinx equivalent for mobile phones?

If you are in your early twenties, willing to work all night for the love of this industry, and have few pressing expenses, then building up your professional reputation on open source projects and sharing your ideas is a great thing to do. It’s how we all got started, how I and the majority of my peers found our voices. As I get older, however, I have started to feel the pressure of the finite amount of time we all have.

via The High Price of Free · An A List Apart Article

I grew up with the idea of memory as intimate and owned, significant events and times folded lovingly and tucked away in the home. Today we stagger under daily records served up to us without our permission, by platforms we hardly trust, in formats that mean little to us, of snippets and half-thoughts we never intended to remember.

via What Facebook’s On This Day shows about the fragility of our online lives | Technology | The Guardian

Instead, says Kelly Goto, founder of gotomedia, LLC, we should be designing experiences that become part of people’s daily routines, their personal rituals.

via UX Thought of the Day — Design for Ritual, Not Addiction

(Interesting aside: This post is a quote of a newsletter which is also a quote. Content curation all the way down, my friends!)

The top need for small business is clear: “find me customers.” Our products need to directly connect to small business success, e.g., the domain, the website, the professional email account, needs to help them land new business. We also need to find more cost effective and efficient ways for them to run their business once they have made it through the initial growth phase.

via Q&A: GoDaddy’s New Chief Product Officer, Steven Aldrich

As a community professional, you become the facilitator, the arbiter, of stories. Instead of covering trendy topics for their SEO juice or being obsessed with increasing conversions, seek to support community needs first.

Source: Your Community Strategy is Incomplete Without a Clear Content Strategy

It is precisely because such movements lack leaders that they can survive, but it is also precisely because they lack leaders that they cannot convert their sense of purpose into action.

Source: Interview: Zygmunt Bauman: “Social media are a trap” | In English | EL PAÍS

Interesting read.

Network Thinking will bring a new approach to building relationships between customers, at scale. You will gain immediate clarity around objectives and approach. You will create long-term value in the form of sustained customer relationships, lower customer acquisition costs and expanding your community into the mobile ecosystem.

Source: Introducing Network Thinking: A Mobile Approach to Customer Communities — Structure3C | Blog

Thoughtful. I agree with a lot of what Bill is saying in this post.

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