Website not producing any results? Here’s how to fix it.

With the rise of digital marketing, websites have become an important asset to many businesses.

But what happens when you spend money getting a website made, paying for the domain names and the hosting of it. Spending countless hours and money creating something that you might be proud of, but it doesn’t bring you in customers?

This is a major problem, but it is something that can be easily fixed!

I’m Andy, a strategic marketer that is obsessed with conversion oriented design. What does that mean? It means I was once where you are now, I spent thousands of dollars for a flash website for one of my first businesses. It looked fantastic in my opinion, just one problem tho.. after 6 weeks of it being live I didn’t get a single lead from it!

Even after running some Facebook ads, a little bit of google traffic too. Nothing!

It drove me crazy, and my bank account suffered too. So I was committed to making it work. I spent months researching everything to do with design, consumer habits, internet marketing and so much more.

Finally I realised the harsh truth, the website I paid thousands of dollars for was useless. It didn’t work. The good news? I knew how to fix it.

All of my experience leads to this report, I go through the main factors that turned it all around for me, I went from not getting a single lead to getting over 15 red hot leads a week! If you can implement just one of the following points you’ll notice an increase in your leads too!

The report is laid out quite simply, I go through what I have learnt and how it applies to you right now.

After reading this report I encourage you to implement it straight away, if you don’t have any technical skills to do so I recommend a few sources at the end of the report for you to use.

Once you do, I know for sure you will notice an immediate pick up in the leads that you get. It only takes one customer to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

[Why a conversion optimised website is a crucial]

Gone are the days of a website being a novelty add on for a business, it’s now crucial for a business to have a presence online. But it doesn’t mean you should just get something average up, now more than ever we need to take into account the real value of what a conversion optimised website does for you, and for your business.

For an example, lets say you sell golf balls through your website. You seem to be getting on an average day about 100 people visiting your website. The issue is you are only making one sale a day which amounts to a tiny $3 profit.

What if you could increase your website conversion rate to 25% rather than 1%?

It would mean your sales skyrocket to 25 sales a day and create $75 profit! and that’s by just utilising your existing traffic. What if you could convert more people who are driven to your site from ads that you’re running? The more visitors you convert, the more money you will make. It’s simple mathematics at the core of it!

The following pages will tell you a number of ways we have been able to successfully create numerous websites which convert more visitors into customers for our clients. You shouldn’t have a website that only costs you money to maintain, it should be a money making machine for you.

[Your website is not about you]

The biggest mistake many people, web designers and businesses make is they forget who their website should be about. I see it all the time “we do that and we’re all about xyz. Us, We, Me, Our.”

Here’s an update, your customers don’t care about you, guess who they care about? themselves!

If you only talk about yourself, your business or simply about you.. Why would they want to do business with you? People want to know how it effects THEM, when you can clearly outline the value they receive from buying from you or working with you they start to understand and appreciate the value that you bring to THEM.

The problem with making the website about you is obvious to the customer, it doesn’t solve their needs. Why would buying from you give them an added sense of value?

Rather than looking at your website from your point of view, start thinking like your customers. What do they want to hear? Where is the value for them?

The good news is, it’s easy to make it all about them. At DirtBox Creative we follow this simple 3 step check to make sure all websites that we create are about the intended person!

  1. Who is the target market?

Create as much detail as you can, their age, location, job, likes and dislikes, the problems they face, what makes them happy etc

2. What can we do for them?

Once you know who your target market is, answer the simple question. What can we do for them. Once you answer that, it’s a simple step to tell them on your website.

3. Don’t we all over it, make it about them.

Don’t overuse the word we, make it about them. For example, if you were selling personal training sessions on your business website;

Don’t do this: I can help you become stronger and healthier when you train with me

Do this instead: Do you want to lose 3kgs of fat and add muscle whilst only making slight dietary changes and committing to two workouts a week? *

*(use exact numbers from testimonials you can get from past clients)

Once you have focused in on your target market, clearly defined what you can do for them and told them in a way that resonates with them your customers will start to connect with what you offer them before they even connect with you. How much would that help your business if the leads coming in were already warmed up and ready to buy?

[ Creating a pipeline of future customers ]

Have you ever been onto a website, maybe you were looking to book a holiday and then over the following days and weeks you started seeing ads relating to those websites pop up on google, Facebook & youtube? It wasn’t by surprise, it’s something called remarketing.

People who visit your website may not be ready to sign up or purchase right away, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook them. Why not keep in contact with them, or remind them?

This is the power of remarketing is simply having a few lines of behind the scenes code which will in a way mark your website visitor which allows the ad networks to target them.

One of the successful ways we have implemented remarketing for our clients is creating an ad which encourages people to opt in for more information in exchange for their email address. This is a powerful way to build a pipeline for your business. They’ve shown interest already, these are people you want to advertise to vs cold traffic!

Imagine if you could get 10 more sales a week from creating a buyer pipeline on your website? How much added profit would that be for you?

[ Design Matters ]

Would you ever buy something that looked sh*t? I hope not.

Design is what makes people happy, and good design makes people even happier.

When designing the look of websites our designers spend over 30 hours creating the look and feel, this isn’t to just make it look good tho! It’s to ensure that the look, feel & flow of the website point towards a visitor being more inclined to convert!

One of the most simple things that you can do right now to improve the design functionality of your website is simply looking at how easy it is to contact you on your own site!

I’ve seen it time and time again that people only have one small contact page, isn’t the purpose of a website to get people contacting you? Make it easy for them to do that!

Have a contact form on every page so people can read the content and contact you straight away! Don’t try and hide it.

If you have a clearly visible and easy to use contact system for your website, you’ll be surprised as to how many people will use it! Make it easy, make it look good and watch the leads come in!

These 3 key factors drastically helped me with my first businesses website, and i know from experience if you apply these they will work for you too!

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