A Speech by the Lord Langron, Year 236

An excerpt from a speech given by the Lord Langron in the Saurean Commons, prior to the Saurean Riots.

“…When a lion sees a wounded gazelle, the thing that he can and must do is to catch it. It is the natural order of things — the strong must consume the weak in order to preserve not only their own strength, but to preserve the savannah. The strong must consume the weak because, if they did not, the dead corpses of their uneaten prey would rot, would pile up and become a pestilence upon the land. The vultures and other scavengers, feeding upon the rot, would grow strong while the lion grows weak.

“But even the vulture, even the maggot and the hyena cannot survive without the lion, you see. They are scavengers, not hunters, and if the hunter grows weak, they, too, will die out. Gazelles and deer will overrun the plains. They will feast upon the land without reserve and, in time, the land will die, for it cannot support so many beasts who take the plants from its soil.

“For the sake of our world, we must keep these runaway civilizations in check. For the sake of the scavengers to our north — and I assure you, there are good people among them; do not make the mistake of seeing an entire race through one lens of experience — we must stay strong, must continue to rein them in when, mindlessly and violently, they lash out at us. For the sake of the tamer races to the south, we must tend to them carefully. Left unwatched, they may pollute their rivers and allow their crops to die.

“You say they are our prey, yes. But we are lion hearts and we must treat these people with the strict rigor that only a lion can provide.”

To which an observer replied:

“Aye, but we are playing with our food!”