That’s a lovely looking book.
Eric Jennings

Thank you so much Eric! I printed through IngramSpark—their services are a bit more complicated, and it costs an extra $25 for each revision to either the cover or the content, so proofing costs can really add up. But I went with IngramSpark because their service has the most adaptability—they advertise as a print-on-demand service for independent presses as well as individuals, and thus have more of a focus on inventory than Lulu or CreateSpace (my initial inventory was 40 copies).

If you do get the book, you’ll also notice the print quality they give to the book. The cover feels great, and the colors and images are rich, which was necessary for products and the reason for the $25 price tag.

Another thing IngramSpark did was allow for design work that goes into the margins. I can’t speak for Lulu, but CreateSpace has some pretty strict constraints on design in the gutter.

That said, this was a very design-intensive book, and I spent a better part of three months laying and re-laying it out using Adobe InDesign. If you’re doing complex design work and want complete freedom over how the book will look, there’s almost no substitute for InDesign. The problem is mastering it. This was probably the sixth book that I’ve designed or the design for, and I definitely don’t think I’ve mastered the program yet.

Thank you so much for your kind words on the book! I’m glad I can share it with the world. I would recommend looking at some of my poems and deciding if you like my work enough to get the book!