You are making some solid points here, Andy Meyer, and I agree with a lot of what you have said.
Rachel B. Baxter

Thanks for your feedback!

I feel the same way in terms of poetry in general feeling archaic and the public perception of poetry as old fashioned. In fact, I started a draft today about this very topic… I think experimental vs standard poetry has the same relationship that runway fashion has to regular clothing; for the most part, experimental poetry that utilizes these new mediums is going to seem outlandish and dumb but sometimes, eventually, the features of experimental poetry will leak through to become touchstones of mainstream contemporary poetry.

I think Poetry In Form does an incredible thing by providing readers and writers with a common ground that is not easily found in contemporary free-verse poems. By using standardized forms, the reader is alleviated of some of the burden of “getting” what the writer is doing formally with the poem, and can focus on content. There seems to be a good amount of amateur poets on Medium, and your publication is doing a great service by providing this common ground as opposed to, say, Poets Unlimited which publishes poetry without a standard metric of quality.