Get Out of The House​ — Why CoWorking Offices Are All That

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Me, Andy Mizrahi, at WeWork Jerusalem. This was shot on a smartphone.

Phase 1

So you started a side hustle. You work for yourself, and you are really excited. You work in your living room in your pajama’s and nobody is telling you otherwise. You get to make a sandwich with pickles and fresh tuna, get to listen to the new Kanye album full blast, and your commute has been reduced to leaving the sofa to get leftover pound cake.

Phase 2

You bounce around different coffee shops. It’s good. You get out of the house, you see other people working, there’s wifi, and good treats when you want to. Good fix for a while.

Phase 3

The solution.

  1. See Other Entrepreneurs: You can see other entrepreneurs and get feedback on what you’re doing, and give them feedback on what they’re doing.
  2. Meet The Community: Especially if you move to a new city, and you don’t know anybody but you as a business person needs to do so. Being in a space, a lot of spaces offer free events for the community so you can mingle, and encourage you to give them yourself. Every time I move to a new city, I get into a coworking space and have met some amazing people.
  3. Cafe: How many hours can you really sit in a cafe with your 4 dollar latte? They’re losing money on you.
  4. Get Out of the House: I still sometimes have to push myself to get to the coworking space. Is it necessary, can’t I just work from home for today? The answer is always no. I’ll start making sandwiches.

Written by — Video Producer

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