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Walt Disney was a visionary figure. He changed the world so many times and so many ways, it’s hard to keep up with. He revolutionized the modern documentary, animation, feature films, TV programming, and even advertising. The key to advertising? How he explained things over and over to his audience.

When TV first came out, the major movie studios were afraid to use the platform, thinking that audiences would never want to leave their houses, and that TV would destroy the movie industry. They were wary.

Walt, on the other hand, saw the potential and power. He was on a mission to change the world one more time, and this was through Disneyland. At that point in his life, before Disneyland was created, he had many doubters of whether this park would be profitable, and he had many people who couldn’t understand what the this new project was. How do you explain Disneyland to somebody in 1954? It has machines? Rides? This is the most magical place on earth. The place that gives you butterflies. …

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We Love TV

If you’re reading this, you wish you weren’t.

You wish that this was a snazzy video explaining this information, with special effects and Brad Pitt narrating it.

I wish it were too.

Everybody loves video. And Brad Pitt for that matter.

How much?

We love video so much that the conversation has changed from, “What music are you listening to these days?” to “What shows are you watching?” And, “Does it have Brad Pitt in it?”

Movies are so important to us. We love them so much that movie studios have transformed them into 60-hour shows. It used to be the only place where we could see the most interesting and compelling visuals on screen, with the best special effects and stories. …

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I secretly wanted to be an actor growing up. I think all kids see a movie and say, “I wanna be that guy!” I envisioned myself growing up to be a Power Ranger. Then, I went to film school and said, “I want to be a director!” It’s the sexy, famous, flashy sounding job. I wanted to be like Steven Speilberg, who directed my favorite movies like Jaws and Hook. Then it was, “I want to be a writer and have my ideas be told on screen!” Like Tarantino, and that didn’t happen.

Now, years of being inundated by commercials since I was a child, I became a commercial producer, the job that requires a filmmakers brain in a business man’s body. I can imitate the voice for so many commercials from my youth; breakfast cereals, icepops, and so on. But wait wait wait. …

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Most heroes of heroes, probably think they’re nothing and haven’t made it. They’re still suffering and thinking that there is so much more to do and stories to tell.

Makes me think of the great Walt Disney. I read a biography about his life that’s about 600 pages written by Neal Gabler. Let me tell you a little something about Mr. Disney. …

Pardon my french, but fuck Instagram in its sepia-filtered-ass.

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I am repulsed by it on so many levels. The robots, the ad companies listening to my conversations, the jealousy that it creates. Everything.

In this article, I will outline how you can build an Instagram following by following the rules, and why it sounds like a special form of hell.


They say it’s the future, that’s where you should focus your energy, because that’s where the audience is. You know what? No. I don’t care. …

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Guys, I’m super interested in writing these in script format, because I want to test that out. Is that okay?


Andy walks into the conference room. Looks around the hallways to make sure he’s alone. Hastily starts unbagging his camera equipment. Straps it onto a mini tripod. Pops out his pocket lighting kit. Checks the focus on his camera and frames himself in the scene.

Pops on the microphone. Gives it a test.

ANDY: “ Testing, one, two three, this is a test testy test test.”

Plays it back and nods in approval.

Gives commands under his breath, as if there was a crew on set helping him. …

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Shot on a smart phone — It’s me!


You are really good at art of some form. Being funny, writing, painting, playing music and so on. And you are so good at it. Now what? How do you succeed long term?

Chapter 1 (Background)

First off, who am I, why do I deserve to write this article, and have I succeeded? Feel free to skip to the advice below if you want.

I wanted to be a comedian and a filmmaker. I don’t come from a big artistic city where this is prevalent like LA, NYC, London, Florence, Paris. I come from a small town and a small community where nobody does art for a living. It’s laughed at and taught from a young age that you are crazy for even thinking this can be a career. …

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Selfie of Andy Mizrahi, (Me) with my dog

I’m an ambitious entrepreneur. I enjoy side ventures in addition to my main company so I figured I could take on one more.

A few years ago, I tried the hardest venture known to me, a dog, and failed wildly.

I wanted a dog since it was hammered into my head as a kid, that all perfect families have dogs. Or all happy people have dogs. Or something something something, dogs will make you happy.

I was a solopreneur for the first time. My partner sold his shares to me and I was on my own. And I was feeling so cocky, I had a company, I started a basketball league, had a girlfriend, and of all ambitious people, I could handle a dog. …

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Mortal Kombat — I don’t own the rights to this image, I’m borrowing it.

I remember in 2nd grade. 1995.

My friend Aly Sultan’s sleepover.

Had a bunch of friends there.

Even random’s like, Mitchel Gilbert.

One segment of the night?

Playing Mortal Kombat 3 on the Sega Genesis. Somehow or another, his older cousin Albert got onto the system and started beating the game, one level at a time.

Now, we’re little kids, beating a complicated game like MK3 in front of the whole room is an impressive feat.

And we’re all watching, as he takes down bad guy after bad guy. Him explaining all the nerdy nuances of how he’s beating them. Using freeze move, using fatalities. …

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Me (left) on Cheddar TV, with Jon Steinberg (far right.)

You have something epic and it’s time for you to get press. It’s a product, an event, a public figure, something or another, and you need some darned press.

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My publicist, the Los Angeles Miranda Spigener Sapon, helped me do some amazing things. She got me into the Golden Globes,

To co-star a play that was featured in the LA Times

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Andy Mizrahi — Video Producer

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