Bernie Sanders is more revolutionary than you think

Three years ago I worked on a (failed) political start-up. We believed that there are many issues where 75% or more of Americans actually agree… but powerful lobbyists from corporations (or from super wealthy individuals like the Koch brothers) twist laws to their benefit.

It is not an exaggeration to say that America has a corrupt political system. It’s not “corruption” the way you see in the movies (or that I see in the developing world) — nobody is passing around envelopes of cash. But, special interests have bought our politicians. Prof. Larry Lessig has a great book that explains institutionalized corruption in America, which is online for free.

I came to believe that money in politics is THE most important issue in politics, because it impacts how ALL laws are made. For example: during the finalization of Obamacare, pharma lobbyists donated $8 million to Repub and Dem members of Congress in one year… in the end, Congress agreed not to grossly overpay for government drug contracts, which will cost taxpayers billions of dollars. 92% of Americans support “common sense gun control” laws, but the NRA makes sure nothing gets passed. Large companies like Wal-mart and McDonald’s lobby to pay their employees such low wages that employees working 40 hrs a week have to get government food stamps.

Through this all, there is ONE guy that hasn’t been bought and his name is Bernie Sanders. No matter what your politics are, what he has done is absolutely, mind-blowingly incredible. He mobilized over 7 million small dollar donations, and has proven that politicians can serve ordinary Americans without having to pander to corporate lobbyists. He has captured the imagination of young voters, winning nearly three times as many youth votes as any other candidate — and has made people believe again that we can have a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”