If I recall correctly, the Korean War ended with a cease-fire where today’s DMZ is located.
Silent 3

The war ended at the DMZ where it began (yes, it actually began at the DMZ and the US was forced to retreat when China sent in troops to help the citizens of the DPRK push back the Americans), and it wasn’t the ground troops that leveled the structures, it was the bombers. We did actually level most of the DPRK by the way, not to mention, we did actually kill 1/4 of their civilians. The US was the monster in the Korean war, same way we brutalized the citizens of Japan during WWII, same way we brutalized the civilians of Vietnam, same way we brutalized the civilians of Iraq multiple times, and so many countries in South America.

The US has done incredibly despicable things in basically every single military action ever, and then whitewashed history to the point of the Japanese trying to erase the memories of their brutal empire.

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