This Is The Biggest Excuse People Make For All Of Their Failures
Tom Kuegler

Hi Tom,

I was actually writing an article, which comes down to the same thing as yours, but from another point of view, mainly that you shouldn’t ask for an opinion of your idea/dream, because ppl will break it down.

So it comes down to the same point, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call ppl “cynical fuck faces”, I do get your frustration though, I’m dealing with the same things at this point. But I don’t believe ppl break down your ideas and dreams because of jealousy, I think they break it down because of fear.

Fear that you might be right and they might be wrong.

Most ppl are brought up that the only way to live a worthwhile life, is to get a job, grind through it and eventually you will make it, as long as you grind hard and long enough.

And that might be right, but they see it through the view of their parents, the traditional way, factory/office work, start low on the ladder and work your way up (small note, that worked 30 years ago, the world has changed by now).

Every time someone suggests going off the beaten track, ppl will try to break it down, and sometimes in the most comical ways.

I told a friend what I was planning (yes it involves blogging and freelancing) and she answered me: “So you are planning to sit in front of a screen and make money? Good luck to you, but that seems far-fetched.” — Yeah, guess while I worked as a bookkeeper for 4 and a half years I didn’t sit in front of a screen and got paid for it….

So to break it down, most ppl including those who are in their early 30’s were raised in a fairly traditional way, with the old school tale of how work and life in general works. However, the Internet, AI, automatization, and several other things, have completely changed society and we still have to learn how to deal with that.

Keep chasing dreams and making memories, money can be taken away, but memories are forever.