Hillary’s Secret Army of Supporters
Rachel Keating Rott

I’ve found that Hillary supporters are the most likely to be constructively critical of shortcomings of the media and even Hillary herself. And that’s good, because only by realizing faults can we progress and move on. I’ve seen my Hillary support group trash shitty, pro-Hillary biased sources like the Daily News Bin, Blue Nation Review, etc. We have discussions about “I like her plan using risk fees in regulating the financial sector, but should we at least discuss the possibility of legislation like Sherrod Brown’s SAFE Banking Act?”. We even express grievances such as “Hillary is indeed somewhat more hawkish and interventionist than I’d prefer.” But no candidate is perfect, no news source is perfect, and we always recognize that.

Then, nearly every single Bernie Sanders supporter I see on my social media page separates the good from the bad in a black-and-white fashion, where Bernie Sanders is the absolute good, Hillary Clinton and the “corporate media” is the absolute evil, and there is no in between. They share shitty sources such as US Uncut, they perpetuate false narratives such as “voter fraud/DNC rigged the NV caucus” or “she defended a child rapist and laughed about it” etc., all of which have been proved wrong or where a significant distortion/omission of facts occurred. It’s always “you’re either with us, or you’re against us,” and the recent disparaging of leading progressives such as Sen. Warren, Pres. Obama, Sen. Sherrod Brown, etc., only further prove my case.

As I quote Star Wars: “Only the Sith deal in absolutes.”

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