CNBC & Fox Business: Can CNBC Take Itself Seriously Enough to Hang On?

A Look at the 2 Biggest Business Networks Inside the US

I worked as an Electrical Engineer at CNBC headquarters for over a year, and recognize that they are First in Business Worldwide. With Squawk Box and Squawk Alley, CNBC has a very consistent program, and contributor Kevin O’Leary as well as Shark Tank re-runs aren’t bad. But iq100 is way off the cuff..

While J&J, AMD & Amazon as leading edge has logic, throwing Chubb on a list implying average (iq100) intelligence, is very sloppy misguidance. Chubb, at war with Islam in solidarity of Mosul & Raqqa, has arbitrary seizure of any Iranian assets ( ). Maintaining the iq100 without dropping chubb is impractical.

Yet Fox Business already has more established broadcasters. CNBC had special studios cut for both Cramer’s show Mad Money as well as Maria Bartiromo (now with Fox). Lou Dobbs is a consistent veteran, while both Kennedy (formerly with MTV) and Charles Payne (host of Making Money with Charles Payne) keep keen eyes on markets.

Look on both when watching local markets and foreign exchange to watch dumb money at work.