Scott Belsky announcing the CAI at Adobe MAX 2019

I’m thrilled to share that I have joined Adobe as Head of Engineering for the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI). The CAI is an ambitious project that unites my passions for helping creators expand their potential and empowering them to reach audiences through technology, publishing and community.

Enabling professionals to reach their audiences with credibility and authenticity is the challenge the CAI is taking on. Providing transparency about the provenance of media will be the most impactful result of our work. …

Each year, a small set of technologies graduate from academia and hackerdom to the real world. Most recently, chatbots, VR, 3d scanning, drones and visual object recognition have earned their mortarboards.

For investors, founders, technologists and artists it is critically important to keep tabs on what’s graduating and when optimally to begin experimenting with new technologies or novel approaches to old problems.

And therefore it is important to know where to look. Every day we are inundated with tech news, investor news, M&A news. But where do you go, online or IRL for clarity in where things are and where…

Andy Parsons

CTO, Founder, Dad, Pitmaster, Saxophonist

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