Leukemia cause & Cellphone Radiation side effects Sperms lost — Breast cancers MUST WATCH

Did you know that Cellphone radiation can be extremely dangerous to all of us when you put your phone on your pocket or simply just pick it up your ear to recieve a phone call?

Well in the following video the respected Dr. Devis will explain it all!

If you dont bieleve that cellphone radiation is damaging your own health and yours love one everyday just by using it then you may be conducting the biggest mistake of your life which could potentially spread cancers in your body including: Breast Cancer, Brain Cancer. More dangerous that your children can be heavily affects as most of them now have their own smart phone and ipad at the early age of two. The effects of cellphone radiation also damge the male reproductive system in human body and potentially cause children to suffers memories lost when they grows up and also Leukemia.

Gorvernments around the noticed the thread and started to acts years ago as putting law that ban wireless divices and network inside kindergarden to protect the young generation!

Watch the video to fully understand how dangerous it is when our live depends too much on smartphone and start taking action now to protects us and our love one against potential cancer threats from cellphone radiations!

Here are the links to the products that protects us from radiation:

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If you don’t like them just google and find your own products that reduce radiation from cellphone against your body!

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