How to Write a Book for Beginners


I’ve thought about writing a book for a while, I think most people have. So when I came across a course online, how to write a book in 24 hours it got my attention. My first thought was no way, this is just some gimmick to get people to buy a course, but it looked alright, and it was cheap so I bought it anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised, and I have also got my girlfriend a copy so she can have a go. I wrote my short non fiction e-book in 28 hrs(4 hrs over but not a bad effort), 4 hrs a day for a week here’s how I did.

1)Pick a topic for your book: look on amazon in the e-book section, and pick a topic you’re interested in

2)Research your topic online: Look at blog posts and reports, you could even buy a book on the subject

3)Chapters: write down the titles for the chapters of the book, I wrote down ten and then from those ten, picked six that I thought sounded alright

4)Write down three things to cover in each chapter: This will be the structure of your book

5)Write your introduction

6)Write 500–1000 words for each chapter: I timed myself to write for an hour, took a fifth-teen minute break then repeated. When you write don’t worry about spelling and grammar, you can fix that later just write. It creates a sense of urgency in you, when you race against the clock, and you’ll find you get more done.

7)Write your conclusion

8)Proofread: I did this myself, but I also got someone else to check it for me as my grammar’s not great, and it’s easy to miss things, so it’s a good idea to get it checked

9)Come up with a title: look on Amazon at book titles see how there structured, and come up with your own

If I can do this anyone can, seriously it’s not that hard. I type like a caveman, and my spelling and grammar aren’t great. You just have to assign a block of time to write, an hour a day would be alright. Or you could do it over a couple of weekends. The hardest part of anything is getting started. This is the course that I used to write my book. How to Write a Book in 24 Hours . I didn’t write the book that I eventually want to write, but it’s a start, and I learned how to structure and write quickly.