Andy René Tran
Apr 18, 2017 · 2 min read

An art collaboration between Andy René Tran & Harrison Love

The healing mission is centered around small-intimate storytelling series with purposeful organizations, idealists, and artists.

2017 Projects:

MOVEMENT SESSIONS: Are rehearsal sessions of catharsis, where performance artists relieve emotional tension through movement. The intimate sessions are captured on canvas and photo in curated galleries.

Organizing Team:

Harrison Love | Artist & Art Curator
is a San Francisco based artist. He is a multiple Scholastics Art and Writing Award Winner. In 2015 he was collected by the SFMOMA Artists Gallery at Fort Mason. Harrison continues to operate a small studio space in the Mission District of SF developing new painting series as well as engaging in artist advocacy programs throughout the country. Instagram.com/harrisonlove

Andy René Tran | Photo Journalist & Performance Arts Curator
is the resident photographer & journalist at Art Heals. He is also a nonprofit advocate and former senior strategist for organizations in San Francisco & New York Area. In 2017, Andy started the “Kind Future” series with the kind folks at ELM GIVES, where he collaborated on stories for change making nonprofits such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Lava Mae. | Instagram.com/andyrenetran

CONTACT & INQUIRIES: Andy@humankindnyc.com

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