One Found Sound : San Francisco

One Found Sound is a conductorless, collaborative, chamber orchestra on a mission to break down the barriers of the classical music stigma; to bring it back to its glory days of boisterous audiences and the thrill of discovering something new with each note.

Deconstructing the typical hierarchical structure of the classic orchestral model, the artistic vision of One Found Sound is placed collaboratively in the hands of its members. Our performances invite the audience to feel the same tension and release, happiness and sorrow, struggle and triumph as those of us performing. | source:


Selections from:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Clarinet Quintet

Johannes Brahms | Clarinet Quintet

Intro & Music starts at 2:50 mark


In the spring of 2013, One Found Sound was founded by five friends bent on changing the status quo through the power of collaboration and expressive freedom. Graduates of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Sarah Bonomo, Georgeanne Banker, Emily Botel-Barnard, Sasha Launer, and Scott Padden sought to engage symbiotically with their community to find fresh and palpable means of musical expression.

One Found Sound embodies the heart of their artistic mission: coalescing the creative energy of young artists and the vitality of their audiences to create an extrordinary musical experience.

Notes about the editor: Andy is a traveling photo journalist for the performing arts. Currently residing as Arts Producer in San Francisco. This movement diary is his experiences with idealists, activists, and artists of all walks in life. This is his time spent photographing One Found Sound and their performance of “Chambers of Secrets 2”.