Who do you trust Installation at Asian Art Museum

Andy René Tran
May 21, 2017 · 3 min read

Performers | KAMBARA+DANCERS Yayoi Kambara

About the Artists
David Hodge and Hi-Jin Kang Hodge have created video installations for artistic exhibitions around the world. Their pieces typically blend editorial materials and innovative uses of technology to explore complex human and social questions. Above all, they create cohesive work that identifies foundational principles and expands on them through multiple viewpoints.

KAMBARA + DANCERS bridges art and audience through contemporary dance. Choreographer Yayoi Kambara focuses her work on diverse cultural, economic and ethnic differences, creating a space for empathy and dialogue.

About Source: Asian Art Museum | Photos: Andy Ren Tran

Andy René Tran

Written by

SF Arts and Technology | Contact me: andy@humankindnyc.com

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