Research shows that flow state at the team level can be more powerful than at an individual level.

Flow can build a high-performing and creative team by promoting optimal experiences, well-being, and meaningful interactions within the right group of skilled individuals.

The point is, flow gives team members at work an opportunity to maximize their potential to succeed.

In the last two articles in the flow state for teams series, I went into the detail on the benefits of flow, the seven essential elements you need to trigger flow in your team, and tips for implementation. …

In the Power of Team Flow, I mentioned, “flow is the holy grail of business — it’s the ability to get top performance from employees through their efforts, above what’s required.”

By creating a framework that fosters team flow, you’ll be able to squeeze every drop of productivity from their workday. Not only will it be like rocket fuel for your business, but you’ll also create a work experience that’s meaningful and inspiring.

After directly implementing techniques for team flow at Flow Marketing, I’ve experienced the success firsthand. In one month, we were able to:

  • Double the annual recurring revenues…

Flow state is my secret sauce.

It’s how I get into a creative place that allows me to create and boost my productivity. Flow state is integral to everything that I do that I even named my marketing company, Flow.

I’ve done a whole series on Flow State at Work and created a Flow State Canvas, but to recap: flow is the holy grail of business — it’s the ability to get top performance from employees through their efforts, above what’s required.

I’m blessed to work with a wonderful leadership team that uses flow state daily. If you ever work…

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can not be created or destroyed; it can only be transferred. Despite what we think, it’s impossible to generate new energy within ourselves. However, we can replenish our energy and plug energy leaks so we can more efficiently manage and deploy our power.

We all have different battery sizes, and therefore we all have different abilities to use our energy. However, flow works in the same energy cycle for everybody. …

What’s the ultimate business skill for 2020?

Getting into flow state to increase your productivity, creativity, and fulfillment.

If you’re interested in building this skill, then it’s time for you to cultivate flow, a period of time where you’re completely absorbed in the task at hand.

Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, the grandfather of flow, was one of the first psychologists to identify and research the flow state.

He found that not only will flow state boost your productivity 500%, but he also argued in his book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience that, “Flow is fundamental to our wellbeing.”

In other words…

Slam poems have played a significant influence in my life to the point where my dad named me after his favorite poet.

Poetry is an awesome creative medium that’s evolved into music, where modern-day poets are lyricists. We enjoy tons of talented artists who put their words to music, but I don’t want us to forget that there are plenty of poets who don’t put their verses to music, and in many ways, their words are just as impactful.

Prose has the power to provide deep insights for self-discovery, what we enjoy about life, what we dislike about life, and…

Did you know that creating a routine can help you get into a flow state of mind whenever you want?

Getting into flow is challenging for most people because they experience it spontaneously, and it’s seen as somewhat of a fluke occurrence that can’t be replicated on-demand.

The good news is, getting into flow state can be triggered.

Though it’s not as easy as an on-off switch, you can get pretty darn close by establishing a routine that reminds you of the exhilarating feeling of getting into a zen-like state where you’re crushing whatever you’re working on.

It’s the closest…

Human connection is a fundamental need, equally important as food, water, and sleep.

When you realize that, then you’ll see that social distancing does not mean social disconnection.

And in many ways, social connection is bigger than seeing your friends because you miss them.

Social connection is about getting the best out of yourself so that you can operate in a flow state- a state defined by heightened focus, peak performance, and a loss of time.

Getting together with people is valuable to your performance, and hosting virtual events during COVID is a great way you can see many people…

After researching the science behind “flow”, I found nobody distilled all the different research into a simple strategy that could help us get into and leverage this state for work.

Since I knew this skill was vital to much of my success personally and professionally, I knew people needed a simple way to clarify and organize all the information they needed to get into a flow state.

So I took it upon myself to figure it out.

I asked myself, how can I put together a way to get into the flow using all the theory and research in a…

Flow state goes by a lot of different names like:

  • Being in the zone
  • Runner’s high
  • In the pocket
  • In the cut
  • Peak experience
  • Getting stoked
  • Samadhi
  • Blissed out
  • Sense of ecstasy

No matter what you call it, if you’ve experienced a time when you lost all sense of time because you were totally immersed in whatever you were doing, you’ve experienced flow state. Getting into flow state doesn’t have to mean you’re doing something monumental — you can get into that feeling simply playing with your kids.

Flow state, or the ability to get into the zone, has shown…

Andy Seth

Motel kid from LA → entrepreneur, author, & music producer | CEO of @feelmeflowco + Chairman of @MindsMatterDenver | Here to help you beat the odds.

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