The Golden Country Part 2: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

I had my doubts. How should I do this? Should I create a new account? Should I use my own? Should I even use Medium? It was a tricky decision to make before I finally decided to use this new account that I had opened up.

The problem is that I’ve seen how the regressive left works, and it’s not a pretty sight. Hypocrisy is the name of the game. If you criticize any part of their ideology they will come for you. They will attack you and attack you and attack you. They will slander you. They will encourage hate towards you. They will see to bring in others to join in the game.

These are the tactics they scream about when they are directed at them, and they can get the international network of social media on their side to shut down the people who engage in these actions against them, which on the face of it seems fine. Is it really a bad thing to ban someone for harassment and abusive behaviour? Not really, but when SJW’s engage in the same actions they do so knowing that, for the most part, they will be protected under the guise of “community guidelines”.

I’m not saying I’m going to harass or hurl abuse at anyone, but that’s not the point. People have been banned just for engaging with these people, even when doing something as benign as retweeting something they have publicly stated. Then there’s the doxing, which is a whole new level of aggression that has become a favoured tool.

I worried about that. I know how this world works. We see it all the time how someone can post an innocuous and uninteresting video or comment on YouTube or Facebook, and the world goes mad. Sometimes it’s in a good way, like with Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady, while other times it’s in a bad way, such Justine Sacco and her AIDS tweet.

It’s impossible to predict what the reaction will be to anything anyone posts online, and that was what worried me. Would I get a flood of hateful comments? Would I get threats? Would I cause enough “offence” that people would want to hunt down my personal details and dox me to “teach me a lesson”? Would Medium censor me? I know that sounds arrogant, as if anyone is going to care about my articles, but the problem is these things are unpredictable.

Look at the front page of Medium on any given day and it is clear that there is a political and social bias going on. Featured articles are distinctly pro-Democrat, pro-feminist, pro-BLM and pro anything deemed safe. That’s fine and perfectly legal. It is a private business and so can set any editorial bias it wants, but is it moral? It claims to want to be an open forum for free thinking, and yet its front page seemed to be heavily slanted in one direction. Sure, lots of other articles are around, but they don’t enjoy the same prominence.

I spent a decent amount of time deciding how I should present this series. I had already set up an account, and so I wondered if I should set up a new, anonymous one. I also thought about not using Medium at all, instead using an old account I still have active. In the end, after doing a few searches of Medium, I found that similar articles are there aplenty, and that people seem pretty comfortable uploading them under their real names.

How sad it is though, that I felt the need to consider all of that. Why is it so bad to ask questions and point out flaws in the arguments of certain groups? Why is it a problem to criticize certain groups, while others have to live in a perpetual open season? Why was I so worried about attaching my name to articles I intend to write, that will do no more harm than annoy a few people?

That is the world we live in now. A few years ago we worried about people listening in on our conversations on the phone, or reading our emails. At least there was the threat of terrorism to back that up. Now we live in a world where we are under the threat of police arrest, job loss and imprisonment if we express opinions or make jokes that are classed as “offensive”. It’s a weasel word that means little, and is only ever applied in one direction. I’m a straight white man, but if anyone “offends” me I don’t get to complain, let alone expect any action to be taken on my behalf.

That’s fine, absolutely right. My hurt feelings should be between me and whomever did the appalling deed. The authorities should have nothing to do with it. Yet some people feel their feelings are sacrosanct and demand official action when hurt is caused, and it does happen.

I was worried about presenting this series because there’s no predicting how some people will react, but in the end I felt there was only one real option. Statistically, I’m probably safe. There are millions of comments and postings everyday on social media, and most of them never have any impact, good or bad. It’s either post, or remain silent, and for me, the latter is the riskiest action of all.