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Section launches their new rebrand and website in partnership with Emerson Stone

Founded in 2012 by Stewart McGrath and Daniel Bartholomew, Section was created to make edge computing more accessible for developers and devops engineers. Section’s edge-computing platform allows for teams to create flexible applications that live closer to the end-user while maintaining the computational power necessary for complex networked experiences.

Section partnered with Emerson Stone to rebrand the company and help tell the story of edge computing through its unique platform. The teams collaborated on the messaging, art direction, website and ultimately the new trademark for the company.

Emerson Stone led brand strategy for Section to define a market around itself, shifting the positioning to become the primary voice for edge computing and the future of distributed content delivery. One of the first goals at Emerson Stone was to rename the company from the original section.io to Section in order to create a more permanent and lasting brand image. This new name was also paired with the new company tagline: What Will You Create?


Andy Stone

Partner at @EmersonStone — a design agency focusing on beautiful brands and usable applications. I spend my free time with good coffee and bad movies.

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