This week’s class discussion was brief. We got a brief update from all of the groups, though the Social Media Facebook feud was mainly discussed. If I’m being honest, I think the Social Media team was playing up the role of the victim. Everything comment posted had extremely valid points. They were concerns and constructive criticisms for improvements. Ultimately, wit hthe end goal to make the image of EMERGE 2015 the best it could be. One reoccuring defence of Social’s was the fact that they do not have content. That’s understandable, but working in the industry specifically with Social Media, your job is to create and find your own content. You shouldn’t haven to rely on others to bring it to you…Just saying.

Anyways, after that whole debacle our team had a meeting where we discussed roles and what specific parts of the website we’d be coding (assigning articles to each other, etc). After that, we met up with the writers of the articles to try to get their perspective and thoughts on how they’d like their articles to look. That way we could uniquely code their articles to have a certain look and/or feel.

Yesterday was the latest I’ve spent at school in a while, I’m excited to have next week off and to start actually coding the website.

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