Time for us all to ride the #Brexit rollercoaster.

Sometimes things happen. Change happens — whether you like or want it, or not.

That doesn’t mean the future is set in stone.

This morning, like many in Europe, I woke to find myself in a parallel universe I didn’t expect to find myself in. I don’t like to discuss…

Being ourselves is an art, not a science. Our flaws make us who we are.

Suddenly I seemed so alone.

I looked up from the frantically scribbled notes I’d ripped from my notepad earlier and had, for the last ten minutes, been staring at without actually absorbing anything they said. …

Creating an amazing workplace where you all thrive

Dear Boss

You invited me to work here because you thought I had something to contribute and I came here because I thought the same. Together, everyone here wants to create something amazing and any opportunity to help us do that better should be taken.

The world is changing fast…

Rethinking a Conference to make ‘Something Happen’…Again!

In 2014 I ran an event that changed my life. All About People was a two-day exploration of creating amazing workplaces. Beyond the amazing presentations, ideas and conversations that emerged over the two days, many of us who attended were left with the feeling that something happened here.


Andy Swann

Founder/ CEO https://myamazingteam.com. Explorer of the human way https://andyswann.io. Author ‘The Human Workplace’. Sometime podcaster. Permanent father.

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