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I would love to see The Ringer do a piece on the idea of playing basketball in gigantic football stadiums, as you mentioned. It does throw off the game with poorer than usual shooting but it’s a clear money grab to put more butts in seats (terrible seats for a basketball game) at incredibly inflated costs and all of that for what? One of the best parts about live basketball is the intimacy (especially in college stadiums) of the fans. I’m not saying have the Final Four at Chaminade with a glorified high school gym, but at least have it in a basketball arena so it is a basketball experience for those at home, in the stands, and on the floor. I’d love to hear if the players are thrown off in these huge stadiums and it also delves into the exploitation of student-athletes because how much money did the NCAA make this weekend? And how much of that is being reciprocated to the players (in any way, scholarship, hotel fees, etc)? I bet it’s practically none.

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