It’s no surprise that the popularity of serverless computing is rapidly gaining. Implicit scalability, event driven/automatic data processing, simplicity, reusability, composability, and reduced cost are just a few reasons that serverless programming models are taking off. One of the arguments that people sometimes give against using serverless programming models is that serverless actions can be harder to develop because you can’t attach a local debugger to them, but really, that’s no longer an issue now that we have wskdb.

wskdb: the OpenWhisk Debugger

If you haven’t seen it yet, now’s your opportunity to check out wskdb, the new/pre-beta OpenWhisk debugger. It allows you to…

With serverless development using OpenWhisk, you get the incredibly powerful, scalable, event driven programming model for building your actions (functions). However, new experimental functionality has been added for exposing actions as REST interfaces, which you may not have noticed:

The OpenWhisk API Gateway

The API gateway is a new, experimental feature, which enables you to easily expose your OpenWhisk actions as RESTful endpoints. You can assign actions to specific endpoints, and even have verbs (get, put, post delete) from the same endpoint assigned to different actions. …

If you’ve already been exploring OpenWhisk and building your serverless infrastructure, you’ll want to pay attention to some recent changes when building your OpenWhisk actions.

Several Node.js API features have been deprecated — many of these changes are breaking changes, meaning, that if you do not address them, your OpenWhisk actions will cease to function.

Node.js Runtime API Changes

Inside of Node.js actions, the global whisk object, and all of its methods have been deprecated. This includes:

whisk.invoke, whisk.trigger, whisk.error, whisk.done, whisk.async, whisk.setAuthKey, whisk.getAuthKey

What does that mean for you?

First, you need to require the OpenWhisk npm package and instantiate the openwhisk instance…

Andrew Trice

Technical Product Manager at IBM — pushing the boundaries of Mobile + Cloud + Cognitive + IoT + Serverless.

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