Football, Beer and Television: The Father’s Day Edition of The Creativizt — #7

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Happy Father’s Day, dads! Have a beer! Or don’t! Cheers!

Surprising at the line of scrimmage…

Creativity is about inventing newness, surprise and pushing that which has never been done before. In its earliest years, pro football was about grinding out short running plays in a brutal, rugby style game of inches. Not very creative. Then a cheesehead changed it all. Curly Lambeau took a page from Knute Rockne’s Notre Dame team where he played for a year, and popularized the forward pass, making it a dynamic new element that changed the game forever. Check out the link below for some fun and creative football plays that leverage the element of surprise.


Most Creative Plays of NFL History

What if quarterback Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts tweeted letters to his mother as if he were a Civil War captain?

Here’s a supergenius example of creativity, which deploys the ol’ “What If?” exercise, along with the simple “Combining of Disparate Things” exercise. The brilliant what if/combination formula: popular football star + letters to Mom + Twitter + the Civil War. The person behind the Twitter account is allegedly a west coast journalist. Check out this hilarious idea, brilliantly executed here.

The creativity of fatherhood…

Dads frequently deploy creativity whilst parenting and caring for their kids, and to adapt to the chaotic reality of nurturing fragile tiny tots without losing their minds. Hit the video below for a smart, creative solution to washing your car with your baby, from the “How to Dad” YouTube video series.




Hey Dads, make time for your kids’ creativity…

I feel sorry for kids these days. They get so much homework. Remember the days when we put a belt around our two books and carried them home? Now they’re dragging a suitcase. They have school all day, then homework from six until eleven. There’s no time left to be creative. — Tom Petty

Hey Dads, start by killing your television (and other mind-numbing screens)…

“When you watch TV, you’re in receive-mode, but when you stop and reduce TV, news and unnecessary entertainment in general, you go into creation mode.” While certainly true for adults, it’s vital for children to not develop habits of expecting receive mode more than create mode. This article makes a great case for how your kids’ brains will be better with wayyyyy less screen time, something our family has believed for a long, long time.

Here’s a whole dang website about Dads and creativity…

It’s been dormant for a while, but Dads for Creativity is a cool website with lots of ideas and resources. It skews to fathers of younger kids, but has strong educational threads throughout for all parents.


What do you think? Was your Dad a creative? How did that shape you? Your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


Be creative with your kids and they’ll show you how to be more creative. Increase creativity by stopping/drastically reducing TV and mindless screen time. Combine many disparate ideas to make a brilliant “What If?”

Lifelong creative & President/ECD of KW2 Advertising & Digital in Madison, WI. I write about & share creative inspiration, insights & cool stuff.

Lifelong creative & President/ECD of KW2 Advertising & Digital in Madison, WI. I write about & share creative inspiration, insights & cool stuff.