What Happens When A Russiagate Skeptic Debates A Professional Russiagater
Caitlin Johnstone

This is extremely engaging and interesting. Scahill and Greenwald have legitimate credentials, so their opinions on the aftermath and interpretation of the debate between Harding and Mate definitely have merit. And yet, I have traveled to Romania and Bulgaria ( alas, never got a chance to go to Moldavia ), spoken with people who live there, and the consensus is Russia did attempt to hack elections in Romania, Moldavia, and Bulgaria. It doesn’t make the attempts successful, but it also it is not fallacious ( which, by the way, is an example of an error in deductive or inductive reasoning, and not just being wrong about some topic or subject ) to point out what citizens in those countries know. The collusion angle in the United States is a separate issue from the attempted hacking of elections in European countries ( Central, Southern or otherwise ), and while the idea of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia may be as much of a conspiracy fable as the great bargain between John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay ( after the election of 1824 ) or the cigar-filled backroom deals that purportedly put Warren Harding in office after the election of 1920, it isn’t entirely illogical or anti-Enlightenment ( as the scholarship of Gordon Wood on the early Republic shows…) to take up this line of inquiry, if only to use ratiocination to disprove any or all elements of it. If one can do so dispassionately, all the better ( meaning that those who take contrary positions to one’s own assumptions aren’t trolls…trolling is the antithesis of informed debate…trolling is the act of quarantining a debate by name-calling and ad hominem attacks…if Freud, Darwin, Bergson, Einstein, Marx, and others could be wrong about even some if not all of their ideas, then why is it so preposterous that one could be mistaken about a part or the whole of an idea, theory or thesis? Russiagate or its antithesis isn’t dependent upon whether or not other European election hacks were attempted or accomplished. Ineluctably linking them is illogical as is denying that these attempts took place at all.).

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