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Your take on Lenin, derived from actual study, is compelling, as is your view that some liberals and New Leftists should either dip their toes in the theory or stop telling everyone they are such great swimmers. Yet, is this kind of shallow excursionary politics and thinking solely the domain of New Leftists? I have had conversations with individuals ( neoconish, would be orthodox capitalists ) who pronounce themselves lovers of Adam Smith and other political economists, and yet can never see that markets are also distorted when you have firms or employers paying people too little. They always see the reverse distortion, and often cite strange platitudes that have nothing to do with Adam Smith or Ricardo or Malthus or Milton Friedman. Rants about how minimum wages rob society of wealth are often sprinkled with logic culled half-assed from Kuznets or even worse, from a thinker like Arthur Pigou ( things that distort and even contradict their argument ).

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