Management Choices

Whenever I work with people looking to progress into management, or with anyone who has just started in a management role, we always spend time talking about their management style; sometimes I refer to it as finding their voice. 
I have no doubt that your style of management should be a conscious choice. There’s lots to consider; your style should fit your personality and the environment and culture you work in. The choice will inform your values and integrity as well as how you respond to the sort of situations managers face all the time.
What I find amazing is that some managers and senior leaders, who have clearly set and thought out styles, make dreadful choices when addressing staff, even when they have plenty of time to think about what they are going to say.
A company I worked for got took over; as way of introduction the new CEO told the assembled crowd that he was a “hard-arse”, that was almost his first words to us. I’m not sure what he was hoping to achieve, whether he was trying to set his stall out as a tough leader or frighten us in some way but it just made me think of the school bully trying to scare the new kids on the first day of term. Needless to say, I didn’t stick around to see if he was indeed a hard man, he definitely wasn’t someone I had any interest in working with or for, interestingly he didn’t remain in post too much longer either.
Obviously, I’m not saying you can’t be assertive or that there aren’t occasions or situations that require a “hard-arsed” attitude to get things done. I also think it imperative that you set clear standards and expectations around performance but if you are faced with introducing yourself to a new team or you need to motivate a team who face a difficult challenge don’t make a similar mistake!
That’s why I really enjoy working with staff who want to become managers or who are relatively new to management. I love the lightbulb moment that happens when someone works out what their management voice is going to be.
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