Face of God


The alarm rings.

It’s 5:50 am.

How I remember this, I do not know.

Everyone is asleep.

I gather my equipment. The things I do to progress further with my work.

Even if it is to wake up at the ass crack of dawn.

I step outside. It has rained all night. The humid air was full of salt from the ocean, which is right up the road.

I get in the car and start the engine. It’s still pitch black. I shift into drive and pull away.

I turn onto the beach road and drive north. I see thick clouds in the sky slowly moving toward the sea. As I drive I begin to see the ocean over the dunes. It’s an eerie sight. The storm was ending and moving out toward the water. I could see the sun starting to rise, but mostly grey.

“My son.” a voice whispers.

I know who that voice is.

“You know the task at hand on this stormy morning. Come to the end of the island. You will see the lonely lighthouse that sits in the middle of the river that meets the sea.”

I keep driving. I reach a roundabout that has a path with dunes and bushes between it. I shift the car to park and get out.

I walk the path. The eerie image of the sky. Dark and grey. It’s a long walk, but I begin to see the top of a lighthouse. It’s not lit.

Walking further I see the hill that leads to the end of the island. I see the lighthouse. The clouds take from the water and everything is blue. The lighthouse sits in the deep blue. Lonely. Waiting.

It’s eerie to look at. It’s like I’m looking at the face of God. The open air.

Standing at the edge of the earth.

“Let go of the burden you carry. You know of which I speak. Or rather whom I speak. You will slowly fade into nothing. Your hopes and your dreams will only be that. There’s no support if you go along this path, my son. You will end up lonely and waiting as this lighthouse.” he whispered.

The sky begins to clear and I can see that the sun has lit up a bit more. The storm moves further out to sea.

It’s time to let go. You cannot save what does not want to be saved, especially when you aren’t saving yourself.

I saw the face of God. My God. Poseidon.

Not even sex can distract you as that is what put you there from the beginning.

I walk back to the path.

It’s time to go home.