Into The Abyss

A child that tends to be coddled. Protected. Everything handed to them.

They don’t learn to deal with problems. Solve them. Depend on their parents. That way the parents don’t lose control. They feed their void.

I dropped everything and left behind the only life I knew. Traveled the country for a year. Sleeping on couches, buses, airports, etc.

A true gypsy.

I ran away to find the answers to my questions I had bad feelings about for years on end.

Which only recently I found out to be very true.

I was protected with lies to keep me safe from the truth.

Only over time, those lies made me go insane. Questioning myself constantly. Learning more and more that things just weren’t right.

I left to chase the answers in other places. I saw more places than most people will in their lifetime.

Sadly as connected as we are, we have never felt more disconnected.

While I was gone chasing those answers did I ever feel more connected with strangers.

Experiencing people that have “The American Dream”. “The White Picket Fence”.

It seems to achieve that, there is bullshit swept under the rugs of their suburban homes.

I began to realize what the world is really like.

I found comfort in these strangers that I stayed with. That let me use their couch to sleep on.

Catching buses along with others that the world left behind.

The forgotten ones.

The life I had been leading…..I saw it from the other side.


Everything covered by material wealth and processed food.

After living on the other side, I came back to my roots.

I went back to normalcy.

Finished up what I had started.

Not until recently did I get the answers I had been looking for.

The truth.

That’s all I ever want.

Honesty and truth.

It brings clarity.

The truth we are all gonna die.

It’s not a matter of when or where.

It’s how.

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