Leadership Within The Corrupted


Your leadership is a lie.

Your words are noble, but your actions are not.

You feel safe within the leaders above you to perform your actions and get away with no consequences.

You target me. Someone that has done nothing to you. In yet, it seems in your eyes, I am the Anti-Christ.

Your eyes turn into fire at the sight of me.

When it is you that will fall.

Just like when Pompeii melted at the hands of Mt. Vesuvius.

My mouth fills with blood from biting my tongue so I do not lose what is keeping me here. And you know that. You use your power to use me and abuse me.

You’re slowly crumbling. Most people see you as an icon.

I see you for what you really are.

You use people to get your fix. You truly hate yourself. You treat yourself disgustingly when you are alone. I see it in your eyes.

Although I love that I’m the Anti-Christ in your eyes. You think you have power over me, but it I that has power over you.

I will take everything away from you just like you took everything away from me. I will watch you fall. Slowly and painfully.

In yet, it won’t be me that does it to you. It will be YOU that does it to yourself.

You are your worst enemy. You will be the reason you fall.

You’ve thrown me to the wolves. What you did not realize was that I am the leader of the pack.

We are coming back for you.

You will fall. Your mouth will be filled with blood. The blood on your hands from the people you wronged.

Go ahead. Cry for help.


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