Separate Realities

Driving down the highway.

85 mph.

Taking the turn to the exit. Look up and you see it.

The light shining through two small windows.

People rushing back and forth. Rolling equipment up.

You realize you are close to death.

Not yourself, but what’s in front of you does pertain to death.

You don’t have the same destination, but you are on the same route.

The route the ambulance is taking is to the hospital and you are following it.

What if you had pulled the trigger?

What if you had swallowed those pills?

What if you had drowned yourself in that creek?

That could have been you.

That separate reality.

If you had called it quits. If you had given up. If you had let the demon win.

You could have been in that ambulance.

You were planning this before you figured out what your purpose in this life was.

But, you’re not.

You decided to fight. You declared war. Despite what tests were going to be thrown to you again.

They were even worse.

Everything was taken away from you.

This time was different, though. You embraced it.

You rebuilt it.

Now, as you see the ambulance, you look up into the sky. A bolt of lightning strikes across the clouds.

It symbolizes a life entering the spirit world and leaving this world.

The reaper comes. No matter what.

Remember your dreams. Remember who you are. Remember why you are here.

A permanent solution to a temporary problem.