The Abandoned

The human mind is powerful. That is an understatement in itself.

We look upon evil as something that sells. Much like sex and violence.

Back in the 1980’s, many mental asylums all over the United States had shut down. Housing patients with mental illnesses that couldn’t be on the streets with society.

They were dumped in these giant buildings like:

The Dejarnette Children’s Mental Asylum (See above),

Henryton State Hospital,

Danvers State Hospital,

Dixmont Mental Institution,

and many others.

The patients viewed as stupid, filthy, and just unintelligent.

I think we were dead wrong.

These patients saw beyond reality. Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, PTSD, Dementia, etc.

Many people have these mental illnesses.

There are the ones who are within society that are intelligent,

but fight mental illnesses and perform evil acts.

People like:

Charles Manson,

Son of Sam,


Zodiac Killer,

Phantom Killer,

Ted Bundy,

John Wayne Gacy,

and many others.

Funny thing is Manson never killed anyone. He manipulated his “family” to go kill and cause mayhem. He never lifted a finger.

We all know the “Mad Scientist” concept. Manson is just that. He is extremely intelligent, but uses it for complete evil.

People want to see what happens when they tear the world apart. What kind of destruction they can do. These people did just that. You can’t be dumb and manipulate another human being into performing such an act as murder.

Look at Autism. People with that are seen as hopeless, abandoned, and stupid by most. When these people are extremely intelligent. They see things a rare few would see. Eyes on detail around them. Extreme detail. Most just look at them on the outside.

The human mind is extremely fragile and complicated. We tend to look at people that don’t function properly the wrong way. Like dumping them in transparent worlds within hospitals and leaving them there. The “normal” ones look at ourselves as prominent, educated, and intelligent.

Maybe we are the dumb ones.