The First Amendment

I’ve been seeing this whole thing about God being taken out of schools over the recent years. That seems to be the scapegoat of all the school shootings even dating back to Columbine.

When I was in high school, I sat down at the lunch table one day and a kid sat next to me. He put his lunch tray down and he sat very proper and straight. He closed his eyes and bowed his head lightly. I observed him do this for at least sixty seconds. He opened his eyes and started to eat. It didn’t hit me at first what he was doing.

A few days later I realized he was praying. Silently praying. His mouth didn’t move, but you could feel how grateful he was for his food. No one slapped his hand, no one heckled him for it. He did it because he chose to. He did that everyday and no punishment was given to him for doing so. I had a teacher that openly admitted to the whole class he was not religious and didn’t believe in it. No one gave him shit for it. He is still teaching to this day and is one of the FEW teachers that actually encouraged me to chase after what I want.

So God was not taken out of schools. God is still there. Just in different point of views. Not everyone is the same with Religion and beliefs. You are free to practice your religion even in school and that’s how it always should be. Coexist.

Just my $0.02