The Truth In Values

As a species we are prone to evolving.

I’ve come to realize as we evolve, our values change. What we thought was valuable to us yesterday is completely irrelevant today.

I chased values for a long time I thought would fulfill me. As I started to meet those goals, I was still empty. I was checking out so much after traveling to run away. Not facing my own problems and my own demons.

I isolated myself away from people that wanted the best for me.

Experiences change us constantly. How we react to them is our character.

I feel way older than I am. Not physically, but mentally and spiritually.

It’s amazing when I look back on what I valued six years ago to what I value now. Completely different.

Was it all a dream?

It absolutely feels like it.

I’ve learned to really evaluate my reactions to emotions and experiences. So I can learn to change them and be better with them.

I’ve learned to embrace fear. Embrace just letting go and letting Poseidon take care of everything else. I put in the effort I can and then I let him do the rest.

I’ve never been a fan of just sitting there and doing nothing. That has happened to me a bit recently. Just listening and feeling.

Channeling my emotions.

The ocean keeps me in one with nature. Something we humans have isolated ourselves from for the past 100 years.

It’s about the connection.

The connections we make with nature, people, animals, passions, everything.

That’s what I miss. I’ve missed the connection. The digital world has began to make that more of a lucid dream.

We are more connected than ever, but never have we been more disconnected.

Blaming doesn’t get you anywhere, though.

It’s not good to use the saying “Woe is me”.

We choose our own paths.

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