When was the last time you hung out?

This was my first Hangout!

Okay, admit it. Like me, you’ve never used Hangouts by Google before. No? Just me? Fine. A week ago, I crawled out from under the rock and finally used Google Hangouts for the very first time. Why? I started to work on some non-profit work that required me to work remotely with an amazing team that is The Brandvan. The experience I had was from a scale of omg-that-was-so-easy to why-is-it-so-hard-to-do-this?

So here’s an overview of a UX audit I conducted and a few design solutions I have conjured up over the past week.

Case Overview

Product: Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is…

While visiting my family in Toronto for the first time, I encountered a usability problem and attempted to quickly provide a temporary solution.

We parked our car inside a shopping centre, and immediately, my dad, my brother, and I desperately needed to find the nearest restroom. We saw the washroom signages just below the ceilings and followed them to the washroom. The door had a metal plate and no handles, so naturally, we pushed and the door swung open. We noticed another man was following us.

We went inside and everything inside had yellow tapes and plastic covering all over…

The Problem:

How can Guestbnb stay competitive in the niche space of short-term rental management services?

Solution: Competitive website rebranding for desktop and mobile
Partners: Design Shoppe, Guestbnb’s managing partners
Role: User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Supporting & Advisory
Length: 4–6 weeks

Sustainability, Short Pitch, Learning and Reflections


During this phase we figured we needed a name for our product or service. It is where we decided with GoSnack Cycling.

For any product or service design, there needs to be a level of consideration for the business and operational side of things. For GoSnack Cycling to realize it’s true, physical form, it’ll need the staff, partnerships, and funding.

We’ll need the expertise from bike service technicians, person to stock the vending machines, and hardware and software engineers for the vending machine and stationary bike systems.

We’ll look to partner with colleges/universities as…

Synthesis, HMW Questions, Top 3 Ideas, Rapid Prototyping



When we started to download all the bits of information we learned from the interviews, we began with our own most memorable impressions from the experience. Then, we dove into our learnings in depth. It was apparent that there were themes as reoccurring information were being said by our participants.


We grouped our learnings into categories that made it visually easier to digest the information. These themes included meal preparation, food I like, perception of self, perception of healthy eating, eating vs studying, family, job, healthy eating reasons, challenges, food selection.

Insights and How might We’s


Problem, Knowledge and Assumptions, Research Planning, Interviews

Team members: Andy Yeh, Ivy Huang, Susie Benes, Doaa Jamal

The HCD Vancouver team is a non-profit group based in Vancouver, BC. We are a group of individuals that seeks to solve social challenges through human-centered design thinking. We meet about 1–2 times a week, 2–4 hours each time, and do this because — well, because it isn’t work and this is fun.

The Problem

In Vancouver, BC, the general population is no stranger to the idea of healthy eating. Education on the benefits of healthy eating has created communities aiming to provide healthy living…

Planned Obsolescence is Not Cool

It’s one thing when you continually innovate new products and push out better and more reliable products. It’s another when you do it too often and you end up taking advantage of your customer base.

How do you make sure your customers love your products and trust your brand? Simple. You make products that solve a user need and it is RELIABLE.

I bought my first Fitbit Alta in December of 2016. I loved how sleek it looked and it can track my activities, steps, and give me the time when I look at it. The first year of using…

In this post, I want to share my process and methods for designing a better product training experience. While this does not involve a digital interface, this was one of my earliest attempts to improve a service or product by means of research.

Background story

One year ago, while I was working for Monde Home Products, a major appliances distributor based in Vancouver, I was a member of the training team responsible for giving a comprehensive and educational learning experience about our brands and products. The attendees were staff members of our clients and they needed the necessary tools and knowledge in…

How optimizing Letgo can help users find treasures faster

Can you guess one of the biggest recent trends when it comes to apps and services made to make our lives easier? Whatever you’re thinking, you’re probably right, but the word i’m looking for is Sharing! I would not be surprised to see most of our basic necessities in our daily lives become “sharified” eventually. In this sharing economy, our way of living is becoming simpler, more convenient, and cheaper. As a designer, I love to flip through listings on Craigslist or another one of my favourite apps, Letgo. Don’t get me wrong. I love high-quality household items and electronics…

For complete presentation please see link below:


Taipei, a city rich in more than just eats.

I often hear questions asking for reasons to visit Taipei, a major city in Taiwan. Almost all of the answers had something to do with food, or simply answered, “the food”. Although that is true, food alone doesn’t quite do Taipei justice when it comes to what this little big city has to offer.

This is why I plan to design and create a visual brand identity and a responsive landing page for the city. This project will take close to 5 weeks…

Andy Yeh

UX Researcher at Wondershare Technology

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