One Dimensional Communication

It is one dimensional in terms of time as well as medium.

There is no past and future, only PRESENT , only NOW.

It is either voice, or text, or film..

many of us don’t remember the joy of receiving a letter from the post. Well you might think amazon has replaced the feeling.

Living abroad since four year, has woken up a curiosity in me to know how we could make the human communication more complete.

Sending and receiving texts, voices, etc is to me somehow one dimensional communication. It’s less surprising, too accessible which has both negative and positive side. It is so easy to send a text that in many cases we just wished we’d thought about it longer..

The voice messages are easier, you can hear the tone and melody and it leads to less misunderstandings.

The thing is, it is always the last few messages visible and the rest will be forgotten.

How about turning them into another medium which could be kept?

this one is an example…

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